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Information and Referral – Providing individuals with community, local, state, and federal resources and options that may be necessary in making informed choices about living, learning, and working independently.

Individual and Systems Advocacy – Addresses access to equal opportunities in exercising social, economic, educational, and legal rights. Independent Living Centers work with individuals, community organizations, state/national networks; to promote full inclusion of people with disabilities, and to improve the implementation of existing laws: federal, state, and local.

Independent Living Skills Training – Teaches everyday life skills and is often provided by people with disabilities. Training may include budgeting, meal preparation, arranging transportation, personal assistance services, job seeking, and self-advocacy.

Peer Mentoring – Provided between two or more individuals with disabilities, to share ideas and experiences about living with a disability, in order to gain greater awareness and control over one’s own life.

Architectural Barrier Consults – Consultations to discuss modification that will enable a home or business with additional accessibility. These services are provided on a gratis and/or fee-for-service basis.

Assistive Technology – Assistance with securing, learning how to use and repair, and maintain equipment to assist individuals to live more independently at home.

Loan Closet– MILC provides a variety of equipment for use on a trial basis including, but not limited to: wheelchairs, canes, shower benches, walkers, and accessible recreational equipment. Click Here to learn more about our Loan Closet and our inventory!

Benefits Advisement – Assistance to apply and/or maintain benefits and entitlements such as Food Stamps, TANF, Medical Insurance, SSI/SSDI, Veteran’s benefits, and PASS Plans.

Home Health Care – MILC provides home health care services in St. Lawrence and Franklin Counties through its Consumer Direct Personal Attendant Services (CDPAS) program titled Taking Control. Click here for more information.

Housing – While MILC is a non-residential agency, it strives to assist individuals to locate accessible and affordable housing. Additionally, in St. Lawrence County, MILC provides financial assistance through its Solutions to End Homelessness Program (STEHP). Click here to find out if the STEHP program is right for you.

Navigator Health Insurance Assistance – MILC provides one-on-one assistance to enroll in various health plan options through the NYS of Health website including Medicaid, Child Health Plus, Essential Plans, and Qualified Health Plans. Navigators are trained and certified by the NYS Department of Health to explain health plans, the Affordable Care Act, and assist with the enrollment process. Click Here to learn more on Navigator Assistance and to view our current outreach events and site schedule.

Facilitated Enrollment Health Insurance Assistance – MILC provides one-on-one assistance to enroll in various public health insurance options including Medicaid, Medicaid Spend-Down, Medicaid for Working Disabled, as well as Medicare Savings Programs. Individuals served by this program are 65 years or older, blind/visually impaired, or disabled regardless of age. Services are located at convenient locations throughout Jefferson, Lewis, St. Lawrence & Franklin counties, and can even be provided in the home of those who are unable to travel. Click Here to learn more about Facilitated Enrollment services.

Institutional Transition Assistance – MILC provides transition assistance to individuals who are institutionalized in a nursing home, rehabilitation center, hospital, or psychiatric center through its Open Doors program. The Transition Specialist works with the consumer and discharge planner to develop discharge plans and obtain community resources to transition back to living in the community. Click here to learn more about the Open Doors program.

Nutrition Outreach & Education Program (NOEP) – NOEP is a Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) outreach program to assist individuals and families to apply for SNAP benefits in their counties. Service St. Lawrence and Franklin Counties – NOEP Coordinators can assist with screening for eligibility, the application process, submission to the local DOSS, and assistance with stretching a monthly food budget to meet the client’s needs. NOEP Coordinators may offer in-person, in the home, or over-the phone assistance. In addition, NOEP coordinators work to increase participation in the School Breakfast program and the Summer Food Service Program, which provides nutritious meals to school-aged children. Services are free, confidential, and conveniently located. For more information,  Click Here.



• In-service training
• Workshops/seminars on disability issues, disability laws and Independent Living philosophy
• Disability Awareness training
• Specialized training and services specific to certain communities
• Pre-employment and Job Readiness consultation and training



Make a Referral!

Anyone may contact MILC at any time to request services. If you would like to make a referral on behalf of someone you are working with, you may utilize the following referral form: MILC Referral 2023












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