Loan Closet


Beach wheelchair All-terrain wheelchair All-terrain access mat


MILC provides a wide range of adaptive equipment for short term FREE loan for all of St. Lawrence and Franklin Counties. Items can be loaned out for 30 days at a time. The Loan Closet’s purpose is to allow an individual to try a device before they purchase it on their own and/or while someone awaits the arrival of their own equipment. Contact MILC for inventory availability. Additionally, through grant funding provided by the St. Lawrence Health Initiative, Inc. – MILC was able to purchase accessible recreational equipment for use to access the greater outdoors. These items can be provided for loan up to 10 days in a row.

Equipment including, but not limited to:

• Wheelchairs
• Walkers
• Canes
• Commodes
• Shower chairs
• Transfer benches, and more!


Recreation Equipment Available:

Beach Wheelchair – Have fun this summer with this water-proof beach wheelchair! Boasting large inflatable tires and completely made of PVC, this wheelchair allows access to beaches that are otherwise often inaccessible to people with mobility issues.

All-Terrain Wheelchair – For use on tough terrain – this wheelchair is great for trails, hunting, fishing, and other outdoor recreational activities.

All-Terrain Access Mats – These mats will turn rough and inaccessible terrain into accessible paths for more standard wheelchairs to travel. Having a family or community event? Loan these to enhance inclusion and provide access to all patrons.

A downloadable brochure on the loan closet is available here: Loan Closet Brochure



MILC’s Loan closet exists solely on donations. To donate or request a piece of equipment, contact the MILC.

St. Lawrence, Jefferson, & Lewis County Phone:

(315) 764 - 9442


Franklin County Phone:

(518) 483 - 2151


Toll Free Phone:

(877) 397 - 9613