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Medicaid Application Assistance Program (MAAP)

Facilitated Enrollment Services of Jefferson, Lewis, St. Lawrence, & Franklin Counties

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What is Facilitated Enrollment?

Facilitated Enrollment is one-on-one assistance to help individuals enroll in government sponsored health insurance programs including, but not limited to:

♦ Medicaid

♦ Medicaid Spend-Down

♦ Medicaid for Working Disabled

♦ Medicaid Managed Long Term Care

♦ Medicare Savings Programs

The Facilitated Enrollment program is designed to eliminate barriers to accessing the application process by providing assistance in local community based locations at times that are convenient to applicants, including home visits. This will allow individuals to obtain comprehensive health insurance, improve health outcomes, and thereby improve quality of life.


Who is Eligible for Facilitated Enrollment?

An individual’s eligibility depends on various factors including: income, assets, employment, other health insurance, citizenship, residency, age, and household size, among others.

MILC is able to service the following individuals in Jefferson, Lewis, St. Lawrence & Franklin Counties:

♦ Aged individuals over 65

♦ Blind or Visually Impaired

♦ Disabled Individuals regardless of age

*Individuals with disabilities do not need to be certified disabled by the Social Security Administration. An individual is disabled if they have a medically determinable physical or mental impairment that is expected to continue for 12 months or more and they are unable to perform substantial employment.


How do I Enroll in a Health Plan?

Contact MILC to speak with a Facilitated Enroller and Schedule an appointment that is convenient to you and your individual needs. MILC will discuss your various options to help you determine the program most suitable to you. MILC will then provide you with a list of documents you will need to bring to your appointment.

MILC will help facilitate your application and will work with you throughout the entire process – from start to finish!



Contact MILC today to schedule an appointment! Services are Free, Confidential, Unbiased, and Conveniently Located!

St. Lawrence & Franklin Counties:


Jefferson & Lewis Counties:

315-764-9442 x302

Toll Free:


To download the MAAP Brochure, click HERE

St. Lawrence, Jefferson, & Lewis County Phone:

(315) 764 - 9442


Franklin County Phone:

(518) 483 - 2151


Toll Free Phone:

(877) 397 - 9613