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The Open Doors Project is a nursing home, hospital, and psychiatric center de-institutionalization program. Subcontracting through the New York Association on Independent Living (NYAIL), and providing services in St. Lawrence & Jefferson County, NY. This project is designed to provide consumers, social workers, discharge planners, and family members with objective information about possible home and community based services that may be available. In addition, the Transition Specialist works with the discharge planner to obtain support services to enable an individual to return to living in the community. Examples of available services may include:

• Senior Care Services
• Home Health Care options
• Housing resources
• Medicaid Waiver Programs
• Financial Assistance Programs
• Mental Health Services

If a resident or their family is considering transitioning the resident out of an institution, the Transition Specialist can meet with the resident and family to discuss their needs. If these services and supports needed are available, the resident and/or their family can decide whether or not to start the plan to leave the facility. The resident or family can change their mind at any time.

The Transition Specialist can also attend discharge planning meetings, advocate for community supports, and provide post-discharge assistance.

MILC has been providing services to individuals with disabilities throughout our community for over 25 years, and we know how to provide you with information and support your choices.

Contact MILC today and request to speak to the Transition Specialist to learn more!

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St. Lawrence, Jefferson, & Lewis County Phone:

(315) 764 - 9442


Franklin County Phone:

(518) 483 - 2151


Toll Free Phone:

(877) 397 - 9613